• The 28th October SpagWednesday brings the very salume, cheese, fresh pasta and wine of Pulia the deli– and therefore Puglia the region– to an ingredients-led pop-up feast.


the "young" behind young&foodish

I’m Daniel Young and I'm taking comfort food
beyond its comfort zone.
My mission is to seek out the best, from burgers to
bolognese, pizza to pastrami…
…and then challenge great chefs like Giorgio Locatelli
to do better at one of my one-off events.
My London pop-ups have starred Lionel Lévy, up from
Marseille for a one-night-only BurgerMonday…
Arcangelo Dandini, Rome's pope of pasta, on a rare visit
to London for a SpagWednesday….
and Nigella Lawson, serving her delectable cakes and putting the "tea" in CoffeeSaturday.
"Daniel Young is a café fan obsessed with comfort food.
Big attractions are his pop-up events."
– The Times
"Mondays-Saturdays foodies are flocking to eat a specific meal,
cooked by a different chef, in a new place."
– Evening Standard
"Daniel Young has curated a series of dining events that
have become the toast of the pop-up scene."
– Stylist
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Every Week Needs a Spagwednesday
best in london

Meet the Pizzas – #LondonPizzaFestival

meet the pizzas
honest crust



sud italia


made of dough yard sale slide

Pizzeria Salvo


Vegetarian alternatives will be offered for the two pizzas containing meat.

The £30 full ticket price includes admission, 6 quarter-pizzas and 1 Beavertown beer or soft drink.

A limited number of £8 admission-only tickets are available for those who want to share pizza with a full ticket-holder.

Children under 12 admitted free.

The Skinny on Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs

frankfurters neonIt’s the 4th of July, the day thousands of New Yorkers celebrate the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by flocking to Coney Island and watching competitive eaters push an unspeakable quantity of hot dogs down their throats.  In the 2014 Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Contest winner Joey “Jaws” Chestnut devoured 61 in 10 minutes.

I mean no disrespect to the eight-time champion by asserting his feat was not quite as impressive as it seems. READ MORE >>

The 8 Best Words to Hear at a Fish & Chip Shop

Fish plus Chips

Are you a conscientious cook who will only buy fish from someone who can tell you where, when and how it was caught? If so the eight words you most want to see or hear at your chippy may be the same as those you expect from your fishmonger:

Our fish locally sourced from British Coastal Fisheries.