• The purpose-built burger created by Sebby Holmes, London’s king of modern Thai street food, is not an American patty with Thai accents: It is a Thai burger with Thai accents fitted to a beloved American format. His three courses are paired with award-winning wines from Monsoon Valley.

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I’m Daniel Young and I'm taking comfort food
beyond its comfort zone.
My mission is to seek out the best, from burgers to
bolognese, pizza to pastrami…
…and then challenge great chefs like Giorgio Locatelli
to do better at one of my one-off events.
My London pop-ups have starred Lionel Lévy, up from
Marseille for a one-night-only BurgerMonday…
Arcangelo Dandini, Rome's pope of pasta, on a rare visit
to London for a SpagWednesday….
and Nigella Lawson, serving her delectable cakes and putting the "tea" in CoffeeSaturday.
"Daniel Young is a café fan obsessed with comfort food.
Big attractions are his pop-up events."
– The Times
"Mondays-Saturdays foodies are flocking to eat a specific meal,
cooked by a different chef, in a new place."
– Evening Standard
"Daniel Young has curated a series of dining events that
have become the toast of the pop-up scene."
– Stylist
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Is Pizza by Heston at LHR Worth a Detour?

heston fornoTo try the wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza “perfected” by Team Heston Blumenthal you must not be carrying any liquids, gels, creams or pastes in containers over 100ml. That’s because the pizza is served exclusively at The Perfectionists’ Cafe, Heston’s fast-food restaurant in London Heathrow Terminal 2.

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London is One Hot Pizza Town

Competing for pizza glory at the 13th September London Pizza Festival the team behind Made of Dough chose to showcase its Chorizo pizza topped with spicy chorizo and piquillo peppers. The pizza dudes from Brixton clearly understood a factor that I, a Margherita man, have been slow to accept:

London is a hot pizza town.

Slinging Slices of Pizza in London’s West End


vico counterThree new fast-casual restaurants bring pizza-by-the-slice to Charing Cross road in Central London.

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