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Acme Coffee Cups: An Icon as Plain as Can Be

acme bottom greyIf there’s a lesson to be learned from the Looney Tunes Road Runner animated cartoons it’s this:

A-C-M-E spells doom.

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CoffeeSaturday Babka

CoffeeSaturday Bagel

James Hoffmann Preaches New Gospel at Ace Hotel Coffee Shop

Bulldog Edition
News that the new Ace Hotel in London’s Shoreditch would be setting up its resident coffee shop in collaboration with Square Mile Coffee Roasters brought expectations of groundbreaking brewing techniques, cutting-edge gadgetry and barista performance art.

But Square Mile co-owner James Hoffman dropped the coffee geekery for our meeting at Bulldog Edition, as the Ace’s coffee shop is known. [Read more…]

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The Insider’s Iced Coffee Even the Insiders Don’t Know About

iced coffeeSeconds after giving a long hello hug to my dear mother I raced to the Chelsea location of Blue Bottle Coffee, under the High Line at West 15th Street, to try my first zinger. [Read more…]

CoffeeSaturday Falls Back in Love With Cappuccino

When one great London coffee shop dared another great London coffee shop to park its espresso cart on its premises everyone’s first thought was smackdown. But the docking of Flat Cap, as Notes Music Coffee mobile units are known, at Prufrock Coffee on London’s Leather Lane was the main event of a “friendly” pop-up I organised to celebrate the release of Katie Parla’s Rome For Foodies Dining App and welcome back an old and much maligned favourite from Italy: the traditional cappuccino. [Read more…]

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