Announcing 2014 BurgerMonday Championship

bn-championship-emblemThe 2014 BurgerMonday Championship is a single-elimination tournament pitting eight of London’s top burger chefs against each other in head-to-head matches.

The opening round of the championship will begin in May, with the first of four Monday night quarter-final clashes. Match-ups will be determined by a random draw. The winners will meet in two semi-final burger-offs in June, setting the stage for the final in July.

All the chefs from the restaurants and traders featured on the young&foodish Top 10 burgers in London list are invited to compete:

bmc-drawLittle Social
Elliot’s Cafe
Patty & Bun
Bar Boulud
Bleecker St Burger
Honest Burgers
Lucky Chip
Burger Bear

Should 9 or even all 10 of these burger pros accept their invitation the tournament will have to be expanded to accommodate them all. Should fewer than 8 accept the open spots will be filled by worthy candidates suggested by you and your fellow burgers devotees on Twitter, on Facebook or in the comments section below.

So who are we overlooking? Who is an absolute must for the 2014 #BMChampionship?

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  1. Looks good to me! Haven’t worked my way through all of them yet but Dirty Burger also impressed me…not convinced by Honest Burgers though, underwhelming…

  2. Street Kitchen.

  3. Mother Flipper

  4. Patty and Bun, BBQWHISKEYBEER and Almost Famous!

  5. Oops – Just reread and Patty and Bun are already there!

  6. Beth – Doesn’t hurt to underscore any of the burgermeisters already on the list.

  7. Mother Flippers, no doubt.

  8. Burger Bear!! Yea!! X

  9. Mother Flipper and MEATLiquor > Lucky Chip or Burger bear IMO…

  10. Aaron Arthur says:

    BurgerBoy he’s burgers are awesome

  11. Think Bukowski Grill deserve a shot! Boom Burger too

  12. Who’s BurgerBoy, Aaron?

  13. Tongue ‘n Cheeks should be in that list!

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