BurgerMonday Championship Tournament Draw


The names of 8 burger greats were drawn from a hat at the BurgerMonday Championship launch party on Monday April 14th to determine the match-ups in the opening round. All quarter-finals burger-offs in the #WimbledonOfBurgers will take place at Climpson’s Arch in East London:

May 5th – Hawksmoor vs Honest Burgers

May 19th – Disco Bistro vs Elliot’s Cafe

June 2nd – Bleecker St Burger vs Dip & Flip

June 16th – Burger Bear vs Almost Famous

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BurgerMonday Championship

London, 5 May - 4 August 2014
Honest Burgers
Disco Bistro
Elliot's Cafe
Bleecker St Burger
Dip & Flip
Burger Bear
Almost Famous

The BurgerMonday Championship is the Wimbledon of burgers, a single-elimination tournament pitting 8 burgers greats –  Almost FamousBleecker St BleeckerBurger BearDisco BistroDip & FlipElliot’s Cafe,  HawskmoorHonest Burgers – against one another in a series of Monday-night match-ups. All head-to-head clashes leading up to the August 4th #BMChampionship Final will be held at Climpson’s Arch, a bar, restaurant and roastery beneath the railways arches near London Fields Station in East London (map).

They’ll be no halving of burgers at the Quarters, Semis and Finals, at least not by the chefs. As a full ticketholder you will be asked to take on two full burgers, one from each competitor, before voting for the one you deemed best.

Due to space limitations no one will be admitted to #BMchampionship matches without a ticket. A limited number of admission-only tickets are available to those who either wish to share burgers with a full ticketholder or come as a spectator.

14 April Launch Party Climpson’s Arch £12.50
5 May Quarter-Final A Climpson’s Arch £25
19 May Quarter-Final B Climpson’s Arch £25
2 June Quarter-Final C Climpson’s Arch £25
16 June Quarter-Final D Climpson’s Arch £25
7 July Semi-Final A Climpson’s Arch £30
21 July Semi-Final B Climpson’s Arch £30
4 August Final Venue TBA £35


Meet the Burgers #LBBFinal


London Burger Bash Final – 6 April 2014
Jubilee Place at Borough Market
Fred's Bacon Cheeseburger
Piggy Rascal
Mangalitsa brioche bun, aged rib cap patty, Tallegio cheese, Mangalitsa belly bacon, confit pork shoulder, trotter & smoked pig dripping glaze, pickled cucumbers, smoked garlic mayo
Bleecker Black
beef, cheese, black pudding
Grizzly G&T
aged beef patty, wild sloe berry gin bacon jam, smoked bacon, smoked yuzu ketchup, American cheese, disco bun


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Mayfields Fries BurgerMonday Patty on Parchment Paper


Mayfields may be a window box of a storefront East London restaurant treasured for deftly crafted small plates of boutique produce, meat and fish. Yet there was nothing dainty about the steakburger chef Matthew Young created for the January 13th BurgerMonday, was there (see below)?
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Pavilion Cafe’s Breakfast Burger a Hit Out of the Park

The Pavilion Cafe in East London’s glorious Victoria Park is run by the team behind Elliot’s Cafe. The familial resemblance is apparent in the careful construction of the Pavilion’s new breakfast burger, which sits up as securely in its house-baked seeded bun as does the Elliot’s lunch burger, one of the top 10 beef burgers in London. Both share the same fondness for sweet onions. [Read more...]

Announcing 2014 BurgerMonday Championship

bn-championship-emblemThe 2014 BurgerMonday Championship is a single-elimination tournament pitting eight of London’s top burger chefs against each other in head-to-head matches.

The opening round of the championship will begin in May, with the first of four Monday night quarter-final clashes. Match-ups will be determined by a random draw. The winners will meet in two semi-final burger-offs in June, setting the stage for the final in July. [Read more...]

Cast-Iron Burger Cooked In its Own Fat

When you hear the meat has been cooked in its own fat your first association may be duck confit. But a beef burger may be cooked in its own fat, too, beautifully so and in much shorter order, if there’s enough white marbling running through the red meat, a good cooking surface with enough intense heat underneath it for searing and a border wall to keepeth the rendered fat. The grease shall not runneth over. [Read more...]

The Single Cut Burger: A Cut Above All Else

#TheSingleCut Burger
Meatopia NYLon Burger-off – 07/09/13
Competing for New York, Josh Ozersky
Grinding it out for London, Fred Smith...
...and Daniel Young (& Foodish)
Butchering for NY & London, Nathan Mills
#TheSingleCut: A Cut Above...


You don’t beat Josh Ozersky, the New Yorker who wrote the book on The Hamburger, at his own game. So when Richard Turner invited Fred Smith and I to compete against Josh in a NYLon Burger-Off at the Meatopia UK Meat Festival in September we agreed the only way to go was British.
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