My Salad Cream Days in the UK


Assimilating the young and foodish me into British life has proven more frustrating than expected. I assumed it would be easy for me to adapt to the London foodscape, given I was educated in New Yorkese, a language with vast similarities to English, and was already acquainted with orange marmalade.

Turns out there was more to mastering the British food curriculum than distinguishing crisps from chips, aubergines from eggplants, tomatoes from tomatoes. 10 years into my London education I discovered I hadn’t even heard of, much less tried, a beloved British condiment, Heinz Salad Cream. [Read more…]

Top 10 Reasons To Love the Salt Beef at Tongue & Brisket

10) Central location on Leather Lane in EC1
9) Sandwich under a fiver.
8) John Georgiou has salt beef is his blood.
7) Briskets rotated in and out of their hot bath.
6) Real rye bread, thickly sliced.
5) Deep flavours not savaged by salt.
4) House-brined briskets hand-carved to order.
3) Tender meat breaks apart under pressure.
2) Lots of meat in a sandwich.
1) Plenty of fat (if you want it).

Tongue & Brisket
, 24 Leather Lane, London EC1N 7SU (map)

Bleecker Street Triumphs with Blood and Guts at London Burger Bash Final

bleecker blackZan Kaufman of Bleecker St Burger won the Final of the London Burger Bash on April 5th at Borough Market with a combination of blood and guts. [Read more…]

BurgerMonday Championship


The BurgerMonday Championship is the Wimbledon of burgers, a single-elimination tournament pitting 8 burgers greats –  Almost FamousBleecker St BleeckerBurger BearDisco BistroDip & FlipElliot’s Cafe,  HawksmoorHonest Burgers – against one another in a series of Monday-night match-ups.

The final is August 4th at Climpson’s Arch.


Alexis Gauthier’s Smokin BurgerMonday

When Alexis Gauthier  accepted my challenge to create a one-off burger for the January 27th BurgerMonday at Andrew’s Gray’s Inn greasy spoon I assumed he would reinvent, deconstruct, Frenchify or otherwise gastronomise the American classic. But the chef at Gauthier Soho, one of London’s highest rated restaurants, chose to preserve the simplicity and integrity of a good burger-joint burger made with bun, patty, melted cheese, lettuce, onion and pink sauce.

Alexis Gauthier's special burger sauceAlexis did, however, seek an extra dimension, a special effect to distinguish his BurgerMonday cheeseburger. [Read more…]

Mayfields Fries BurgerMonday Patty on Parchment Paper


Mayfields may be a window box of a storefront East London restaurant treasured for deftly crafted small plates of boutique produce, meat and fish. Yet there was nothing dainty about the steakburger chef Matthew Young created for the January 13th BurgerMonday, was there (see below)?
[Read more…]

Pavilion Cafe’s Breakfast Burger a Hit Out of the Park

The Pavilion Cafe in East London’s glorious Victoria Park is run by the team behind Elliot’s Cafe. The familial resemblance is apparent in the careful construction of the Pavilion’s new breakfast burger, which sits up as securely in its house-baked seeded bun as does the Elliot’s lunch burger, one of the top 10 beef burgers in London. Both share the same fondness for sweet onions. [Read more…]

Pizza Pilgrims Think Out of Box & Into Pan

Pizza Pilgrims Frying Pan Pizza Pan“I have something for you,” said Londoner James Elliot, one of the Pizza Pilgrims behind the pizza van and insanely popular pizzeria of that name. “I’d like to you take it home and test it.”
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