The Roti Chai Toddy Shop Burger is back!

Roti Chai, London’s duplex home of great Indian street food, merges four days of the young&foodish week for this special #4in1Sunday.

February 3rd marks the return of the Toddy Shop Burger, the Keralan-inspired burger Roti Chai introduced last April at a BurgerMonday pop-up. This gorgeous burger will be served, as before, with Dakshini wedges – the best curry and chips you will ever have.

Original Toddy Shop Burger – photo: P Winch-Furness

The Toddy Shop Burger No. 3 is a somewhat downsized version of the original and for good reason. This menu is top heavy, middle heavy AND bottom heavy.

With WichThursday and FryFriday in mind #4in1Sunday will mark the premiere of tandoori chicken fried sandwich, a contemporary riff on an Indian “fried sandwich” street classic.

BurgerMonday at Roti Chai – photo: P Winch-Furness

As an homage to SpagWednesday Roti Chai will serve a moreish Masala mac ‘n’ cheese.

– Namaskar cocktail
– Salt & pepper banana chips
– Bread pakora
– Masala mac ‘n’ cheese
– Toddy Shop Burger No.3
Dakshini wedges
– Mango kulfi (on a stick)
4in1Sunday at Roti Chai is divided into seven overlapping sittings of 10. The £35 ticket price includes a Namaskar cocktail but no other beverages.

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