December 15th, 6:45pm  & 9pm

Disco Bistro EC4
The Rising Sun
61 Carter Lane,
London EC4V 5DY (map)

– Crackled fried clam sandwich

– French dipped pure Devon Ruby burgerpulled 72-hour short ribbeef fat crinkle chips
– Spiced chocolate & coffee doughnuts

French Dip Burger v 1.0 (photo Paul Winch-Furness)

Carl Clarke

£40 (includes wine or beer)

For his BurgerMonday pop-up in April Carl Clarke created a dangerous burger with so much juice and beef dripping the only safe place to hold it was over the sink. He’ll present version 2.o of that French Dip Burger has created version 2.0 of that French Dip Burger as an exclusive for the first young&foodish jam session, 4in1Saturday.

He’ll introduce the burger by first introducing a cracking fried clam sandwich, his fusion of New and Old England.

4in1Saturday merges four daily obsessions: BurgerMonday, WichThursday, FryFriday, CoffeeSaturday. The one-day-only event and menu is divided into two separate sessions, 6:45am-8:30pm and 9pm-10:45pm. The bar downstairs will stay open for drinks and nibbles, before, after and during.

Please note that with your booking you are consenting to have photos taken and posted of you trying to manage your French Dip Burger v2.0.

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