15 OCTOBER 2012

For one BurgerMonday night only Adam Fleischman, chef-owner of Umami Burger, will bring his most outrageous burger from its Los Angeles HQ to a London greasy spoon. The MNO Royale promises to fulfill our cravings for, to use Fleischman’s words, “that which cannot be explained.”

An acronym for “money is no object”, the MNO is outfitted with a patty of grass-fed Wagyu beef, thick layers of foie gras and truffles and a Port reduction. Due to California’s recently imposed ban on foie gras, the off-menu $100 sensation is now taboo in its home state.

Fleischman and John Herndon, Umami’s corporate chef, will travel to London with the umami-rich custom condiments and spices required for the two burgers on the pop-up menu. Essential ingredients that won’t fit in their suitcases and that can’t be sourced in the UK will be FedEx-d. When it comes to their insuring the MNO we’re served in London is the genuine article, well, you guessed it, money is no object.


Dad’s Slider
– House Processed Cheddar, Onions, Pickles
– Umami Crisps
Camden Pale Ale – London, United Kingdom 

MNO Royale
– Port Braised Short Ribs, House Truffle Cheese, Foie, Truffles, Port Reduction
– Umami Tots / Jalapeno Ranch
Roberto Voerzio Dolcetto d’Alba Priavino 2010 – Piedmont, Italy

Salted Caramel Milkshake

The pop-up will be divided into four overlapping sittings. Please note that with your booking you are consenting to have photos taken and posted online of you and your MNO Royale.

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