BurgerMonday & Restaurant Trific Present


October 22nd 2012, The Draft House, London (map)

Chef: Oliver Trific

Ticket: £45  – includes 3-course dinner, Camden Town Brewery Ales, limited edition “Hans Hummel” event t-shirt and a German hot dog and Camden ale at the Before/After Party

For one night only, Oliver Trific, chef/prorietor of the Restaurant Trific, will travel from his Hamburg house to a London public house to rewrite the history of the round mound of renown.

At the Tower Bridge location of The Draft House he’ll imagine what a hamburger (little h) would be like today had it been invented in Germany’s 2nd largest city by a Hamburger (big H). He’ll manage this in part by incorporating into his classic burger presentation elements of Labskaus, a traditional delicacy that is Hamburg’s version of corned beef hash, to go with the finest and fattiest aged rare-breed Scottish beef and a smoked shallot mayo.


Vitello Halibutto
– veal roast smoked halibut cream with crispy capers 

The Hamburg Hamburger
– beef on a bun, smoky shallot mayo, beetroot pickles, fried quail egg, herring salsa and fries

 A Nod to our Elders
– Elderberry Granita, white chocolate Panacotta with stewed Elderberry-Apples, Cream of Wheat-Mousse w/ Elderberry-Caramel

The Hamburg Hamburger dinner will be presented in two sittings beginning at 6:45 and 9pm. A Before-and-After German Hot Dog Party will run throughout the evening, with doors opening at 6:30pm. If you buy a ticket for the 6:45pm sitting you can come to the after party and have a hog and a beer as your second dessert. If you buy a ticket for the 9pm sitting then you can come to the before  and have a hot dog and a beer as an aperitif. Either is included in the ticket price. (You may also buy a ticket for the party only and not the dinner).

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