July 23rd

Roti Chai Dining Room
3 Portman Mews South
London W1H 6HS (map)

Karan Kashyap

– ‘Namaskar’ Cocktail
– Salt & Pepper Banana Chips
– Chennai Chicken 65
– Roti Chai Toddy Shop Burger
Dakshini Wedges & Thattukada Dip
– Kulfi on a Stick

£35 * 

For BurgerMonday owner Rohit Chugh and head chef Karan Kashyap of Roti Chai, London’s sensational Indian street kitchen, set themselves a difficult task: Create a beef burger that looked, felt and ate like a true burger, not a kebab, only with flavours that transported you to the streets of Kerala, India – not Main Street, USA.

They found inspiration from the Kerala beef fry, a classic from the streets and Toddy Shop drinking dens of the idyllic Southern Indian state of Kerala. The patty in their Toddy Shop burger is strongly accented – and reddened – with a combination of South Indian spices and enough red chillis to leave your lips and tongue tingling up to 10 minutes after you’ve devoured it.  You’ll need to add the chopped green chillis served alongside the burger, however, to approach lethal levels of heat.

The meatup is divided into seven overlapping sittings. Should you want to come early, or stay late, the Roti Chai bar will open at 6pm and stay open throughout the evening.

* The £35 ticket price includes a cocktail (Pushkar Pimms, Ceylon Arrack or Kovalam Beach) but not beer, wine or additional drinks.



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