BurgerMonday at Joe Allen

July 3nd – 6:30pm & 8:45pm

Joe Allen
13 Exeter Street
London WC2E 7DT (see map)

Marc Brown

Buffalo Chicken Slider
Bacon Cheeseburger with Fries
Peach cobbler

£30 (includes 1/2-litre wine or beer)

London's best worst-kept secret: the unlisted burger at Joe Allen


With both sessions of the 2nd Annual Independence Day BurgerMonday on July 2nd selling out in minutes we’ve decided to add two sessions the following night as part of this, the first ever BurgerMonday on a Tuesday.

My late father used to take me to the original Joe Allen, New York’s great theatre district haunt, for its classic Manhattan pub burger. When a Broadway legend seated nearby also ordered a burger we were impressed, as much with our good taste as his.

It’s the same when ordering the unlisted burger at the Covent Garden Joe Allen. Not printed on the menu, the bacon cheeseburger is one of London’s best worst-kept secrets.

Hope you can join me to celebrate (or commemorate) American independence from London, in London, in the East Wing of the West End’s Joe Allen.

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