16 April

160 Gray’s Inn Rd
London WC1 (map)

Kevin Love

– Hinds Head Tea Smoked Salmon with Soda Bread
– Balmoral Venison Cheese Burger with French Fries
– Bakewell Tart with Sour Cream

£40 (beer & wine complimentary)

For one night only, Heston Blumenthal’s local village pub, The Hinds Head, relocates from its listed 15th Century Tudor home in bucolic Bray to a 1950s greasy spoon in London’s Gray’s Inn.

Head chef Kevin Love will cook 75+ venison cheese burgers on the Andrew’s flat-top griddle, larding the distinctively flavoured meat from Balmoral Estate with the necessary supplement of smoked bacon.

This pop-up will be divided into five overlapping sittings. Each sitting will last about 90 minutes.

Please note that with your booking you are consenting to have your photo taken and posted online.

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