Rowley Leigh Rolls Out
the Carpetburger

For one night only the U-shaped oyster bar at Le Café Anglais will be transformed into a burger bar. The restaging befits the BurgerMonday rollout of the great chef Rowley Leigh‘s Carpetburger.

In truth the oyster bar will stay an oyster bar, as each Carpetburger contains an oyster. Leigh’s chosen name for his chopped-steak-on-a-bun alludes to the oyster-filled carpetbagger steak, a beef-and-bivalve classic. He’ll top your Carpetburger with anchovy mayo, capers and a fried oyster.

Le Café Anglais Oyster Bar – photo: Paul Winch-Furness

Because the oyster bar seats only 18, this BurgerMonday will unfold in a carefully choreographed rotation: You’ll take your salad at the tables facing the oyster bar, your burger at the oyster bar and your dessert at the bar lounge.


Iceberg Wedge Salad
with Blue Cheese Dressing

glass of Cristal Belgian Pilsner

Rowley Leigh’s Carpetburger

Carpetburger with Chips
glass of red wine – Corbières

Knickerbocker Glory 

This BurgerMonday is divided into four overlapping sessions each lasting about 90 minutes. Please note that with your booking you are consenting to have photos taken and posted online of you fully immersed in your Carpetburger.

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