4 Competitors

4 Toasties

1 Night

1 Prize

The #ToastieMeltdown on the night of WichThursday the 31st of January at Camden Town Brewery is guided by a single proposition:

The only thing better than a beautifully bronzed melty oozy cheesy toasted sandwich is four beautifully bronzed melty oozy cheesy toasted sandwiches.

Competing for the Iron Toastie Award, four distinguished sarnie makers will vie for your vote in the battle of the big cheeses:

There will be a melted chocolate component, as you’d expect, only not on toast. Barista Marco Arrigo of illy will prepare you a body-warming, toe-thawing  bicerinthe three-tiered Turinese classic of espresso, cioccolato and fresh whipped cream.
Your ticket entitles you to a small toastie from each of the four competitors and a Bicerin. Beers and beverages are not included in ticket price.
The toasties will be prepared and served to you outdoors in the brewery yard, under cover of marquee. (Wear your woolens). There will be seating/eating areas indoors in the bar and brewery area as well as on the heated covered terrace outside the bar.



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