4th of July BurgerMonday Meatup at Joe Allen

4th July – sittings at 6:45pm & 8:45pm

East Wing
Joe Allen (see map)
Covent Garden, London

Mark Brown

Buffalo chicken slider
bacon cheeseburger with fries
banana cream pie

£27 (includes half-litre wine or beer)

My late father used to take me to the great New York theatre district haunt Joe Allen for its classic Manhattan burger and banana cream pie. If a famous Broadway actor seated at a nearby table also ordered a burger and a banana cream pie we were double impressed, as much with our good taste as his.

To celebrate the 4th of July in London as my father would have done it gives Joe Allen chef Mark Brown and me great pleasure to invite you to the East Wing of West End’s Joe Allen for a BurgerMonday meatup featuring its famously unlisted bacon cheeseburger (number 6 on my top 10 London burgers list) on a home-baked brioche bun as well as the banana cream pie* baked according to the original New York recipe.

We will be seated in the East Wing (pictured above) in two separate sittings beginning at 6:45pm and 8:45pm.

I hope many of you will come early or stay late for a drink at the bar, where we’ll raise a 4th of July glass to, if not the USA’s independence from Great Britain, than to the memory of my father, David Youngandfoodish. Jimmy the resident pianist will be playing show tunes most of the night.

* Those who don’t care for banana desserts of any kind can request a substitute pudding. I promise I won’t be too too disappointed with anyone who does.