WichThursday Salt Beef Pop-Up with De Gustibus

10 November

160 Gray’s Inn Rd
London WC1 (map)

2 pork sliders
salt beef sandwich & chips
brioche & butter pudding

£35 (beer & wine is complimentary)

From the creator of BurgerMonday, PizzaTuesday, SpagWednesday, FriFriday and CoffeeSaturday comes WichThursday, a new pop-up series guided by the principle that sandwiches are not just for lunch. Even so, a WichThursday dinner sandwich must be something pretty special. It can’t just be two thin slices of white bread shmeared with flavoured mayonnaise and sliced diagonally into dainty triangles. It must be a big handful and a even bigger mouthful of character and oomph, knocking you off your chair with high-impact sensations.

If there’s no wow there’s no WichThursday.

For the inaugural pop-up I wanted London’s best salt beef sandwich. I turned immediately to Dan of De Gustibus Bakery, who was house-brining and hand-carving London’s most tender and succulent salt beef before his popular sandwich bar was booted from Borough Market. I wanted him to reproduce that sandwich for us at Andrew’s Gray’s Inn greasy spoon, only with these enhancements:

  • I asked that his crusty, twice-baked sourdough rye be used instead of ciabatta
  • I wanted authentic New York-style deli mustard in place of English, Dijon or grain mustard
  • I requested that Andrea, De Gustibus’ best carver, set up a pop-up carvery in the middle of Andrew’s and hand-carve all the hot salt beef sandwiches to order.
  • I demanded that Andrea leave all the fat on the salt beef. No unnecessary trimming.

Dan, who shares my passion for salt beef and its North American counterparts, embraced my suggestions with enthusiasm. He was glad I thought we could get away with them. Together we filled out the menu: For starters he’ll make slider versions of his chorizo and porchetta sandwiches. Dessert will be a homemade brioche and butter pudding.

The WichThursday inaugural dinner will be divided into five overlapping sittings beginning at 6:45pm, 7:15pm, 7:45pm, 8:15 and 8:45pm and lasting about 90 minutes. Don’t miss it.