Don’t-Miss Tastes of Taste of London 2012

Homemade glazed buns for Bar Boulud's Tunisienne hot dogs


Pascal Aussignac peddles his Marmite Royale, winner of festival's Best Taste award

If you wish to give this year’s Taste of London restaurant festival a miss rather than pay £24 for the right to pay top £ for small plates of food you eat standing up that’s your business. Sorry, complaints about the high admission price are now so old and tired the first ones were texted on Nokia 1100s.

This post is about what not to miss if you’re not missing Taste. The remaining sessions are this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow after.

I’m very pleased that Club Gascon’s Marmite Royale won the Best in Taste award. I hosted the world preview, if not premiere, of Pascal Aussignac’s invention at my June 11th BurgerMonday pop-up at Comptoir Gascon (photos).

Full disclosure: My four festival recommendations below are based on a limited sampling. Forget Hoovers: I’d have needed a Flymo Turbo 400 to graze all of muddy Regent’s Park.

1. Marmite Royale, Club Gascon
Foie gras crème with Marmite topping & soldiers (toast strips). Sensuous meets clever in Marmite pot.
2. Açorda de Bacalhau, Corner Room
Cured salt cod & crispy cod skin with porridge cooked in shellfish broth. Wondrous textures, flavours.
3. Tunisienne Hot Dog, Bar Boulud
Harissa, roasted peppers & roast peppers on lamb merguez from master of charcuterie Nicolas Marragou.
4. Taste Like Greece
Support Greek's best small artisan food producers. Best stand: Ergon Deli
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  1. Jon Dee says:

    i would definitely MISS the Taste 2012
    complaints are not old – what is getting old is the extravagant foodish lifestyle this city tries to hussle us into paying. for 25£+ you can get decent food even in London, though Mr. Young and his friends would obviously prefer that we spend more.
    that’s food for tought!

  2. joni tyler says:

    Not going, but it’s a personal choice. Feel I will be missing out, but that’s my problem. I don’t think Daniel *prefers* me to spend that kind of money. It is one option amongst hundreds. I mean, I found out about the amazing homemade quid and a half pork bun from him.

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