Top 10 Reasons To Love the Salt Beef at Tongue & Brisket

10) Central location on Leather Lane in EC1
9) Sandwich under a fiver.
8) John Georgiou has salt beef is his blood.
7) Briskets rotated in and out of their hot bath.
6) Real rye bread, thickly sliced.
5) Deep flavours not savaged by salt.
4) House-brined briskets hand-carved to order.
3) Tender meat breaks apart under pressure.
2) Lots of meat in a sandwich.
1) Plenty of fat (if you want it).

Tongue & Brisket
, 24 Leather Lane, London EC1N 7SU (map)

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  1. Paul says:

    Looks great, P.S would it make your top 5 Salt Beef sandwich list?.

  2. Daniel says:

    Yes, Paul. In fact it would make my top 3 and maybe top 2. Try it and let me low what you think.

  3. Nick Orloff says:

    Not been to London for a few years, but I’m there in August and this has got me salivating already! Added to my to do list for the trip!

  4. Those are 10 very good reasons! Thanks for the heads-up about this place, looks amazing.

  5. Paul Manning says:

    Hi Dan

    Is B&K Salt Beef Bar still your number one?

  6. Daniel says:

    For another week it is, Paul. I will have a new number one as of September 1st. Stay tuned. What’s your number one?

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