Too Much Lobster on a Luke’s Roll?

Do Luke Holden and Ben Conniff stuff too much fresh Maine lobster meat into the lobster rolls at their New York seafood eatery Luke’s Lobster? Judging from the photo above you’d have to say yes: 4 ounces (113 grams) of lobster chunks from 5 to 6 claws is simply too much meat to fit into a split-top bun.

But is stuffing too much lobster into a buttered and toasted roll an undesirable thing? Judging from the photo below you’d have to say no. They couldn’t overload this baby with mayonnaise even if they wanted to. Where would you put it?

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  1. On the one hand I’d say, you can’t ever have too much lobster… on the other hand it might be difficult to eat – mayonnaise-y bits of lobster falling onto one’s lap is never a good look.

  2. I want! I really enjoyed the lobster rolls we enjoyed when touring Maine many years ago… wish we could get those here with the same generous volume of filling for the same fantastic prices!

  3. Yeah I agree with Margit, it could get abit sloppy…but probably that’s all for the better. I’d probably leave some of the chunks as a ‘side’ , and then use the appropriate amount for the roll. One can never have too much of a good thing, especially lobster!

    Just clicked through to Luke’s official website, and really wish we could get something similar over here for a reasonable price, surely it would be a hit in London… can’t wait till someone brings this to town (Hawksmoor..?!?)

  4. Daniel Young says:

    Kang – Your wish is mine: the lobster roll is a classic sandwich that needs to be exported from New England to Old England.

  5. As a New York based born and bred Londoner I can confirm that Luke’s Lobster roll is fantastic. Yes, it probably is too much..but thats what makes it so great!! They also serve half a roll if you arent feeling decadent enough. In fact, i think I might go there tonight!

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