Meet the Burgers #LBBFinal


London Burger Bash Final – 6 April 2014
Jubilee Place at Borough Market
Fred's Bacon Cheeseburger
Piggy Rascal
Mangalitsa brioche bun, aged rib cap patty, Tallegio cheese, Mangalitsa belly bacon, confit pork shoulder, trotter & smoked pig dripping glaze, pickled cucumbers, smoked garlic mayo
Bleecker Black
beef, cheese, black pudding
Grizzly G&T
aged beef patty, wild sloe berry gin bacon jam, smoked bacon, smoked yuzu ketchup, American cheese, disco bun


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Alexis Gauthier’s Smokin BurgerMonday

When Alexis Gauthier  accepted my challenge to create a one-off burger for the January 27th BurgerMonday at Andrew’s Gray’s Inn greasy spoon I assumed he would reinvent, deconstruct, Frenchify or otherwise gastronomise the American classic. But the chef at Gauthier Soho, one of London’s highest rated restaurants, chose to preserve the simplicity and integrity of a good burger-joint burger made with bun, patty, melted cheese, lettuce, onion and pink sauce.

Alexis Gauthier's special burger sauceAlexis did, however, seek an extra dimension, a special effect to distinguish his BurgerMonday cheeseburger. [Read more…]

The Hamburg Hamburger Returns to London

Hamburg Hamburger returnsThe creator of the historic Hamburg Hamburger has accepted my invitation to bring it back to London to compete in the 3-4 November @BurgerMonday #LondonBurgerBash at Camden Town Brewery

In October 2012 German chef Oliver Trific travelled from his Hamburg house to a London public house to rewrite the origins of the round mound of renown. For one BurgerMonday night only the chef/proprietor of the Restaurant Trific imagined what a hamburger (little h) would be like today had it been invented in Germany and not the USA by a Hamburger (big H).

The Hamburg Hamburger unveiled at The Draft House proved to be much more than an exercise in culinary wordplay. For inspiration Trific looked to labskaus, a famous stew that is Hamburg’s version of corned beef hash. Liverpudlians know it as lobscouse or just scouse and attach their accent and identity to it. [Read more…]

#LondonBurgerBash: the Movie

Judging six big-league burgers in a single go is no job to be taken lightly. The London Overground may stop at Kentish Town West station, directly over the railway arches of Camden Town Brewery, the competition venue, but it’s up to you to get your mind and body in the right place.

LBB-CHAMPIONSHIP-draws-22juThis video of the inaugural bash, held 29 October 2012, will hopefully motivate you for the upcoming one, @BurgerMonday #LondonBurgerBush 28-29 July. The competitors may not be the same this time as they were in October but the demands on you the voter will be just as great. Promise.

This, the third of four heats in the group stage of the championship, was won by Fred Smith of Fred’s. The second heat, in April, was won by Joe Grossmann of Patty & Bun. The winners of the four heats will compete in the finals, to be held in April 2014.

BurgerMonday – So Good to Me

BurgerMonday – So Good to Me is my video compilation of photographs taken by Paul Winch-Furness at 14 BurgerMonday pop-ups presented in London between January 2011 and May 2012 by young&foodish. [Read more…]

A Pop-Up Logo for Me & My Pop-Up Dinners

From the inaugural BurgerMonday pop-up  on 24 January 2011 with the Young Turks as guest chefs to the first FryFriday pop-up on 10 February 2012 with Anh Vu and Van Tran of Banhmi11 my dinners have been shared experiences only as good as – but, happily,  every bit as good as – the London food obsessives who filled the tables and grasped what it meant to be, feel and eat young&foodish(ly). [Read more…]

Dutch Designer Marcel Wanders Out-Geeked by Blanch & Shock at Galleria Illy

Only a fool tries to upstage Marcel Wanders by out-smiling, out-dressing, out-tanning, out-hairing or out-flirting the tall, dark and handsome Dutch designer. But were you to tie your hair in a bun, as Josh Pollen did, or hide your intense gaze behind protective goggles, as Mike Knowlden did, you might find it relatively easy to out-geek Wanders. These ingeniously inventive – and skinny – young chefs managed just that at the London launch for Flos of the beautiful Wanders Can-Can Lamp at the Galleria Illy pop-up this October.

[Read more…]

The Lionel Lévy BurgerMonday Pop-Up Question

Lionel Lévy, the Michelin-starred chef at Une Table, au Sud in Marseille, loves to revisit the classics. The protégé of Gérard Garrigues and Alain Ducasse has made a name for himself with his bouillabaisse milkshake and other signature (re)inventions. He added another to his repertoire as guest chef at my BurgerMonday pop-up on the 23rd of May at Andrew’s Gray’s Inn greasy spoon in London. He merged two American standards, the burger and the BLT sandwich, replacing their customary condiments with the Provençal accessories he prepared at his restaurant, packed in sous-vide bags and stashed with ice packs inside his hand luggage for the flight from Marseille to London.

When just 15 minutes before service Lévy showed me the very first version ever of his stunning pop-up burger BLT I was startled. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, or how to eat it. As you can see in the video above many diners had the same initial reaction, if varied answers to the question: Which end is ‘wich?