Eataly Feeds NY’s Italianissimo Complex

woman puts on lipstick with lavazza calendar girl carla bruni as backdropTo shop Eataly‘s 50,000 square feet of Italian foods you must first pass through the Lavazza espresso bar just inside the marketplace’s Fifth Avenue entrance. The backdrop to this virtual Via Veneto of consumed – and consuming – New Yorkers and tourists, many of them Italian, is a collage of Lavazza calendar girls. You see Il Postino‘s Maria Grazia Cucinotta, the embodiment of 1990s Italianissimo, ogled by the espresso sippers of the Caffè Tripoli (March-April ’96). A few months later she bears the weight, such as it is, of co-Miss July-August Federica Ripamonte on her shoulders without spilling a drop of precious coffee – neither hers, which I imagine to be a frothy double macchiato, nor Federica’s. [Read more…]